Other Publications and Performed Works

Speculative Stories

“Lover’s Knot”, Stupefying Stories, November 2012.

“Abaddon, Foul Angel of the Abyss”, Stupefying Stories, January 2012.  Partially rewritten version of “Abaddon, Dark Angel of the Abyss”, Fear and Trembling, July 2009.

“Wisteria”, Intergalactic Medicine Show, Feb 2007, PodCastle May 2008, and Fantastic Stories Presents:  Fantasy Super Pack #1 Positronic Publishing 2014.

Mainstream Stories

“Flower Power”, The Written Word, April 2008 and Green Fingers, an anthology created by Vaughan Stanger, 2010.

“Nativity”, The Five Stones, Fall 1998.

“The Verdict”, Lines in the Sand, Sept/Oct 1994.

Personal Essays and Humor

“Way to Vote, America!” The Raleigh News & Observer, November 13, 2004.

“When Cicadas Whine, It’s Crunch Time” The Raleigh News & Observer, May 19, 2004.

“Shakespeare and The Monkeys” The Raleigh News & Observer, May 22, 2003.

“The Bible Bears Witness in Court”, The Raleigh News & Observer, September 5, 2003.

“Why the Survivor Looks… Green “, The Raleigh News & Observer, December 2, 2000.

“WWJDdos 2000: The Christian Operating System”, The Door Magazine, Nov/Dec 1999.

“Liturgical Line Dance Jubilee” The Door, January/February 1998.

“Religious Videos: Top Ten New Releases” The Door, May/June 1998.

Humor Piece: “Amazing but True Little Known Facts about The Bible, The Door, Jan/Feb 1997.

Humor Essay: “Personal Waste Management” Bay Area Parent, April 1995 and Long Island Parenting News, April 1996.

Mainstream Poetry

“The Wise Man”, Here and Now Public Radio, broadcast December 24, 2001, web archive June 7, 2003.

“He Will Give It Tomorrow”, Christian Reader, November/December 1995 (under the title, “The Soprano Who Saved the Day”) and Creator Magazine, July/August 2004.

Book Reviews, Articles, and Interviews

“Hercules, Sprites, and Fairies: Savoyards through the Generations”, The Happy Dispatch, Fall 2017.

“Coming to Town: Lawrence M. Schoen for IllogiCon”, Bull Spec Magazine online, Jan 9, 2014.

The Silence of Snakes by Lewis W. Green”, The Greenville Daily Reflector, Dec. 23,  1984.

Theatrical and Musical Works

Jesu, Savior, God Made Human, Christmas cantata to the music of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, text by Ada Milenkovic Brown with music arranged by Cyril Murphy, performed by the Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra at Duke Memorial United Methodist Church, December 15, 2019.

George Washington Supped Here, ghost story performed by the playwright for the Magnolia Arts Greenville NC Ghost Walk, October 25 & 26, 2013.

Verna Pleddley’s Hair Raising Makeover, monologue performed by the playwright as part of Ayden Community Theatre production, The Dead of Winter,February 2008.

An Evening of Malady in Melody: Songs from Opera and Broadway with a Medical Connection, original script by Dr. Ada Milenkovic Brown and Dr. Harry Adams, Ada Milenkovic Brown, soprano, Dr. John Holter, accompanist, medical histories read by Dr. Harry Adams, March 8, 2003 Fletcher Recital Hall, ECU.

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