According to Ada

It’s all in how you look at it.

Published by Ada Milenkovic Brown

Hi. I'm Ada Milenkovic Brown, a writer whose short stories, humor pieces, and poems started appearing in publications in the mid 1990’s and my spec fiction about a decade after that. I write mostly fractured folk and fairy tales but occasionally break out into science fiction. I'm trained as a scientist, and taught at a medical school. But having strange ideas that turn into stranger stories was probably always how I was going to end up. I should have known that in high school, when one of my classmates made a collage for me for my birthday. It’s a snapshot of what my brain looked like then. It’s also the background to this homepage. It’s still what the inside of my brain looks like. And the only difference now, is that I've read and watched more widely. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell would be in there, along with the gods and goddesses of N. K. Jemison's Hundred Thousand Kindoms, Kidd from Samuel Delaney's Dahlgren, the Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee, and Christopher Eggleston Dr. Who's. (All of you David Tennant fans may now say, “Okay Boomer.) And everything would have a patina of some nightmarish fungus from the mind of Jeff VanderMeer. I'm in the latter stages of revision of a novel called Fairytale Hell. It's Inception meets Into the Woods. Speaking of musicals, I’m also a lyric soprano, actor, and oboist. If you’re interested in my performing arts side, find out more here.

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